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SAF-Holland targets tank trailers with new lightweight suspension

April 30, 2021
The CBXA AeroBeam Series includes 23K, 25K, and 30K pound capacity models, designed to feature balance of strength, weight

SAF-Holland is touting its new CBXA AeroBeam Series of fixed frame suspensions as the lightest weight line of top mount trailer air suspensions in the industry.

The CBXA AeroBeam Series includes 23K, 25K, and 30K pound capacity models, designed to feature a balance of strength and weight and to stand up to the rigorous demands of the substantial specialty trailer market—which totals more than 100,000 new units per year in North America, according to Bill Hicks, trailer suspension and axle product manager for SAF-Holland.

“The lightweight CBXA AeroBeam provides features that deliver measurable benefits for improved efficiency and superior performance for tank, platform, and specialty trailer applications,” Hicks said, speaking to trade press during an online product announcement April 28. The new series replaces the current CBX product line.

An additional 62 pounds per axle is saved by specifying an optional lightweight disc brake wheel-end package, featuring the lightweight wheel hub/rotor assembly and the lightweight SAF caliper.

The CBXAN23 version, with the N designation referring to the narrow frame hanger of the unit, comes in at 824 pounds of total system weight when spec’d with the other lightweight components and is backed with 7-year warranty, Hicks noted.

“The CBXAN AeroBeam is the perfect fit, the ideal solution for standard-duty tanks and platform trailers—for those customers who are very weight-discerning: aluminum platforms, aluminum tanks, those type of applications,” he said. “It's lightweight without sacrificing durability, with our unique high strength cast-steel arm. The axle, as noted, is 19% more rigid than our closest competitor.”

In turn, the CBXAS25 and CBXAS30 versions (with the S denoting standard frame hangers) are for “the heavy-duty stuff,” including both higher-capacity applications and on/off-road duty cycles, Hicks explained, pointing to B-trains, heavy-duty wood chip haulers and side dumps as potential uses.

CBXA features

The lightweight cast steel trailing arm beam boasts durability, while providing low overall system weight. The Integral shock absorber design improves ride performance, provides undercarriage clearance and protection from road debris.

To further improve suspension life, the pivot connection tension control bolt maintains proper clamp force eliminating the need to routinely re-torque the connection. The constant clamp force design prevents bushing and frame brackets from wearing out, avoiding premature tire wear.

The patented SwingAlign system on the CBXA AeroBeam makes maintaining axle adjustment quick and easy without disassembly or replacement parts, according to SAF-Holland. Its accurate alignment capabilities enable more precise tire tracking settings, resulting in reduced tire wear.

The CBXA AeroBeam series is available with the optional P89 Series air disc brakes. The series includes the P89 Plus with its SAF INTEGRAL rotor/hub and premium sealed bearings with a 7-year warranty, and the P89 with a 5-year warranty.

The CBX AeroBeam features a 5.75-inch diameter axle that is 19% more rigid than competitive axles, greatly reducing axle deflection to improve tire life.

Offered with frame bracket options for weld-on, weld-on with wing, bolt-on, stainless steel weld-on, and tapered top weld-on configurations to meet any trailer chassis design.

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