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Mack boosts mRIDE weight savings

March 16, 2021
Manufacturer’s spring leaf suspension now allows fleets to increase payloads when paired with Mack Axles

The Mack mRIDE spring leaf over rubber block suspension now offers additional weight savings for increased payload when paired with proprietary Mack axles.

The suspension is designed for vocational customers who need improved stability and greater traction on jobsites, Mack said.

“Mack made these enhancements as a result of ongoing continuous improvement that is a hallmark of Mack’s product development,” said Tim Wrinkle, Mack construction product manager. “The Mack mRIDE already offers customers a smooth ride, and now when paired with our legendary Mack axles, it saves weight and reduces their total cost of ownership.”

Available at 40,000-pound and 46,000-pound suspension ratings and with standard track axles, customers can save 140 pounds with drum brakes and 146 pounds with air disc brakes as a result of casting suspension components into the Mack axle housing. Mack axles are produced at Mack’s powertrain facility in Hagerstown MD.

The mRIDE’s parabolic springs are thickest at the center to ensure the clamp load area offers the greatest strength and are tapered to improve driver comfort. The mRIDE provides extreme articulation and constant tire contact, delivering superior traction on the rough terrain of jobsites.

The spring leaf design and V-shaped torque rods ensure stability to efficiently transmit forces into the truck’s frame. Shock absorbers, along with rubber and steel shock towers, improve ride and handling. 

The mRIDE is fully integrated with Mack MP engines, transmissions and axles and can be spec’d in the Mack Pinnacle axle forward, Mack Granite, Mack TerraPro and Mack LR.

Mack also recently announced it enhanced its standard axle warranty for Model Year 2022 Mack models, extending time and mileage coverage. Mack vehicles available with the extended standard axle coverage include the Mack Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite, TerraPro and LR models.

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