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Piper Systems Launches Fda Approved System 2

Irish dairy-tech company out to revolutionize milk collection

Jan. 26, 2021
Piper’s automated DynaStream system, now U.S. FDA approved, set to improve efficiency, traceability for milk haulers in virus’ wake

Irish dairy-tech company Piper Systems says its DynaStream automated milk collection system, recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will enable the digital transformation of the U.S. dairy industry, and help the segment—which, like a lot of industries, was negatively affected by COVID-19—improve operations.

The company called FDA approval of its system “a landmark decision” for the dairy industry.

Piper’s automated milk collection systems are designed to offer substantial gains in the efficiency, accuracy and traceability of dairy production. These systems are standard in other parts of the world, the company said, but not here, until now.

“This has been a huge ambition for us because U.S. standards are so rigorous,” said Leigh Hamilton, Piper’s CEO. “But the prize is enormous—to be the first and only company permitted to supply this cutting-edge technology into the world’s largest dairy market. We are so delighted to have achieved this goal and so grateful for the forward-thinking regulators, industry leaders, and to (state agency) Enterprise Ireland for supporting this milestone.”

Piper Systems has been working toward U.S. approval of its DynaStream system for several years. The process involved National Weights and Measures testing (NCWM/NTEP), as well as acceptance by the National Conference of International Milk Shipments (NCIMS), which incorporates 50 states and the FDA. Piper’s system also is the only one approved by the NCWM authority as a legal for-payment device across the U.S., the company said.

Forward-thinking dairy companies in the U.S. already are aware of the technology and recognize its usefulness in their supply chains. According to Piper Systems, dairy industry leaders like Danone North America, AgriMark and DFA already introduced the systems on their routes on a local basis, and more rollouts are planned for 2021.

“We are delighted to see Piper Systems making such ground-breaking accomplishments here in the U.S. already,” said David Corcoran, head of New England & Midwest USA at Enterprise Ireland. “Now that the DynaStream system is FDA-approved, we are excited to continue to support Piper as they continue to grow, innovate, and work to transform the U.S. dairy industry.”

Pandemic’s impact

The U.S. dairy industry, like nearly all industries, was “drastically affected” by the COVID-19 pandemic last year. One of the essential benefits of the Piper system is 100% traceability of milk from farm to manufacturing. This is increasingly important to consumers and was made more so in 2020 when the virus made it harder to travel to farms to oversee production.

“We have customers who would have had to put a field rep in a car for hours or days to get to a farm and review operations,” Hamilton maintained. “Using our data, they can do that work in just a few moments and from their desk. This is a huge efficiency saving, yes, but it also prevents a contact point that we want to avoid as much as possible during these times. It is an added benefit of digital transformation that we didn’t see the complete value of before 2020.”

Hamilton explained that another significant change is the increased demand for traceability. People want more and more information about the origin of the food they eat. In troubled times, people want greater assurance their milk is safe and has been appropriately handled at every step along the way.

Saves time

Milk transporters are excited about the change. In the hauling business, Piper technology delivers substantial time savings on multi-stop routes, where time is money, the company said. Piper also provides safety improvements by removing the need for the driver to climb the tank. And there is an opportunity for drivers to finish work sooner, for a better work-life balance.

“The biggest issue Piper solves for us is the downtime of the driver,” said Jonathan Eriksen, a milk hauler with GTI in New York. “Coming into the farm, we no longer have to wait for the milk to agitate or to measure. He just backs in, hooks up our hose, and our driver can leave. It pumps faster, and our driver never has to get on top of the trailer.”

Plus, for companies prioritizing sustainability, Piper tracks the milk assembly mileage to allow for an accurate carbon cost calculation.

The Piper platform also unlocks efficiencies, allowing milk haulers to make “a giant leap” forward in a single step. From manually sampling, weighing and handwriting records, to automated milk collection, 100% traceability, and accurate electronic data.

“This is a game-changer for the quality of milk samples being collected at dairy farms,” said Barb Koeltzow, dairy program manager at Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

U.S. adoption

This “revolutionary” technology already is live across some states in the Northeast, Piper said, and is expected to be deployed in more states in 2021.

“This technology is coming to the U.S., and it will be transformative,” said Scott Werme, vice president of membership for AgriMark.

Support for the principles behind the Piper DynaStream—representative sampling, accurate milk weights, and improved traceability through automation—is unanimous, the company maintained. As a result, Piper now is the only company that has successfully achieved all the approvals required to bring this technology to the U.S. dairy market.

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