Truck X Wired Eld Tablet

TruckX launches wired ELD

Dec. 22, 2020
Ruggedized tablet for fleets designed to remove technical, communication hassles of Bluetooth ELD solutions

TruckX recently introduced a ruggedized wired ELD setup as an extension to its popular Bluetooth ELD product line.

With the launch of the ruggedized wired ELD setup, TruckX says it is the first major ELD provider in the market to offer both Bluetooth and wired ELD options to its user base. The setup comes with the ruggedized ELD tablet, docking station, mount, and a dual-network SIM card. The ELD tablet has an IP66 rating, making it dust-proof and waterproof. It also has a 5-foot drop resistance, while clearing anti-vibration and shock standards set by the U.S. military.

“TruckX already has a great Bluetooth ELD offering that is very easy to install and works great for the drivers and trucking companies,” said Tapan Chaudhari, founder and CEO of TruckX. “However, trucking is not an easy job, and there are many variables on the road. In such a work environment, most of the regular tablets do not last long.

“Ruggedized form factor helps, especially in places where there is dust, heat and extreme cold—instances when trucks are parked overnight or days in an open environment.”

The ruggedized ELD device can be mounted over the cab quickly with a single wire and four screws. The setup can withstand high temperatures inside the parking lot and is resistant to daily wear and tear, TruckX said. A solid docking station is mounted on the dashboard, charging the tablet at all times. The setup comes with a dual-network SIM card and is connected to the cloud.

TruckX’s entry into wired ELD design is a result of fleets asking for ELD setups that do not require drivers to call in for constant technical support. TruckX wired ELDs provide a dependable in-cab experience for drivers, recreating the same user interface of the incumbent Bluetooth ELD solution. The setup is hardwired to the truck’s engine, providing readings that are reliable 24/7.