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Phillips Industries’ OEM facility recognized by DTNA

Dec. 10, 2020
The Arteaga, Mexico plant recently picked up its eighth Masters of Quality Supplier award

Jose Luis Arredondo from Daimler Supplier Management recently presented the Phillips Industries OEM facility located in Arteaga, Mexico, with their Masters of Quality Supplier award for 2019.

This is the eighth time the Arteaga site has received this award from Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), the company noted.  

“The Masters of Quality Supplier award has been delivered to only 55 suppliers from all of the DTNA supplier database, 28 in the US and 27 in Mexico; Phillips OEM is consistently one of those,” Arredondo said during the award presentation. “This recognition is the result of the excellent performance Phillips OEM does for DTNA.” 

Criteria for achieving the DTNA Masters of Quality Supplier award requires outstanding performance in every functional area of the company: on-time delivery, pricing and quality, accounting, customer service, warranty, and engineering support.   

Filiberto Coello, president of Phillips OEM division, accepted the award on behalf of all their employees.

“This award is the result of the great job that all the employees from Phillips OEM did during 2019; it represents the passion and the commitment of every employee,” Coello said.  

Jorge Gonzalez, director of operations, and Hugo Coello, production manager, gave special recognition to Esmeralda Aldape, production supervisor for the OEM production lines, who has been “instrumental” in the string of eight Masters of Quality Supplier awards won by the facility since joining the company in 2011.

“Esmeralda has shown a great commitment to our company. Leading by example, she has been able to build a great team and has been an essential part in us being recognized again this year by Daimler,” said Gonzalez.