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JW Speaker introduces powerful solar LED flasher lights

July 27, 2020
New lights are fully sustainable, offer visibility for up to 1 mile in locations where safety is a priority, but power is unavailable

J.W. Speaker Corporation has launched its high-powered, low-profile solar LED flasher lights to help crews, motorists and passersby identify dangerous obstructions in a wide range of settings. The new lights are fully sustainable and offer visibility for up to one mile in any location where safety is a top priority, but power is unavailable.

"Potential hazards are a constant threat, especially on job sites and other places where a lack of power means less warning and more danger," said Gary Durian, Director of Engineering at J.W. Speaker. "We created our first energy sustainable, rugged and powerful solar flasher lights specifically for optimal visibility under the most adverse conditions, including storms, dust and vibrations, so crews and motorists can identify potential hazards and stay out of harm's way."

The self-sustaining solar LEDs charge fully in as few as 6 hours and can run for up to 120 hours before a recharge is needed. Compared to other market lights that emit parallel beams, the unique design of J.W. Speaker solar maker lights projects perpendicular to the lamp for easier identification from farther distances.

The impact-modified acrylic housing withstands UV light degradation and is nearly indestructible, even when used on rugged job sites in the harshest environments, according to the manufacturer. Each light assembly is IP67 and IP69K rated and can withstand powerful high-pressure washers. In addition, LEDs are available in amber and red to accommodate diverse applications.

"These lights can be mounted securely on any surface without drilling, so they can be placed anywhere," said Durian. "We use the powerful Click Bond adhesive-bonded mount, which makes the lights ideal when you need to mark obstructions or large objects but don't want to compromise structural integrity."

Affix the solar maker lights to any object in a wide range of environments, including:

  • Equipment and temporary trailers on constructions sites
  • Long-haul trucks at rest stops or truck yards
  • Water pumps, rock crushers and other objects on mining sites
  • Material handling, cleaning and agriculture equipment
  • Wagons and heavy machinery in rail yards
  • Road signage, traffic signals and railroad crossings where power sources are limited
  • Boat piers and waterways
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