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Waytek adds switches to product array

A new line of E-Stop, pushbutton, and selector switches is the latest addition to the product line at Waytek Inc.

Waytek's new switches are rugged, reliable, and easy to install without the use of special tools. The modular design enables functional and compact assembly. Contact elements are self-cleaning and operate in double-breaking action. These switches are rated 12 amps at 24-volts DC and 6 amps at 120 volts AC. Choose from a variety of control station enclosures and operators to create a custom assembly.

Other new products from Waytek include: solenoids, ATO/ATC fuse holders, illuminated round rocker switches, Hella relays, Glass Fuse Holders, momentary start switch boot and collars, 3M VHB tape, and ANN/ANL fuse holders.

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