Tremcar tank BBQ Tremcar

Tremcar's BBQ trailer turns heads at Tank Truck Week

Tremcar officials proudly presented their farm pick up tank trailer BBQ during the National Tank Truck Carriers’ Tank Truck Week in Nashville TN.

The company exhibited five different tank trailers at the show, along with a tank truck and their unique tank-trailer BBQ. 

The grill is not intended for resale, but it did attract a lot of interest, the company said.

The BBQ is a complete kitchen on wheels. It has a heavy-duty grill with eight independent burners, a steamer, two beer taps and a pizza oven with a dual burner and single back burner. The unit exemplifies Tremcar’s “high-quality” custom-built products.

“We have dedicated skilled workers, they know our product and they know how to work the stainless steel to produce the high-end units our customers look for,” said Daniel Tremblay, president of Tremcar Inc.

Tremcar said customers can borrow the grill for special occasions by contacting Melanie Dufresne at [email protected].



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