OPW provides Civacon rack equipment

OPW Engineered Systems, a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, announced that it is now the single source for selling the Civacon brand of rack monitoring equipment. OPW Engineered Systems customers now have access to Civacon’s rack monitoring technology backed by OPW Engineered Systems’ service and support.

Civacon rack monitoring equipment sets the standard for performance, safeguarding against spills, overfills, and grounding solutions while delivering operating efficiencies on the road and at the fueling terminal. Civacon’s full line of rack monitoring equipment includes:

•Rack monitors—used in loading and unloading operations to detect the type of sensor, the state of liquid in the tank, an overfill situation, and/or verify the grounding condition.

•Junction boxes—designed for use in conjunction with rack monitor equipment to provide easy maintenance and wiring of the plug and cord sets connecting to the rack monitors.

•Plugs and cords—used with junction boxes to connect the overfill-detection monitor to the tank transport at the terminal.

•Optic cane probes—provide a portable, flexible solution to varying overfill requirements for safe top loading where a permanent sensor cannot be properly affixed to a tank or railcar.

Learn more information at www.opw-es.com.

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