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Burch aviation refueler Burch Tank

New aviation refueler speeds the fueling process

Burch Tank has launched a new aviation refueler. The vehicle was designed to provide the quickest and most efficient refueling of aircraft.

“We are excited to bring such an amazing tank to the industry. This tank has the opportunity to really help fight forestry fires and make a difference” according to Jeff Harrison, CEO of Burch Tank and Truck, Inc. “We have two Aviation Refueling Tank in California right now being used and the feedback from the customer on the performance of this tank is exceptional. They are pleased with the fact that they do not have to shut off the helicopter to refuel it due to the speed of the fuel transfer.  With all their other tanks they had to shut off the helicopter, which costs them extra time and money.”

Burch Tank’s Aviation Refueling Tank was designed and built with the end customer in mind. It meets all major bridge laws in all states, so transporting is not an issue. The tank trailer is equipped with special off-road tires, allowing it to get into the woods to refuel helicopters with ease. 

However, the features don’t end there. Extra lighting has been added for nighttime refueling operations. A 150-gallon water tank and pressure washer in the rear of the tank was added to help with dust depression and for safety. The main product pump is run with a gas engine for remote usage.   

Aviation refueling is a critical component in fighting forest fires. Keeping the tanks safe, that are refueling those helicopters, is just as essential. Keeping this in mind Burch Tank’s Aviation Refueling Tanks is equipped with an emergency fuel shutoff system, ground level fire extinguishers, and a rollover protection system just to name a few things. 

“At Burch Tank we are all about being innovative, and designing a tank that fully meets the customers’ requirements” said Jeff Harrison, CEO of Burch Tank and Truck, Inc. “I think we have accomplished that with this tank.  We have received positive feedback from the customer and have an order for two additional tanks with them.”

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