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Heil shows innovative heat panel technology at MATS

HEIL Trailer International announced during the Mid-America Trucking Show the introduction of a new, proprietary heat panel technology for its tank trailers that offers greater thermal performance and efficiency than traditional heat panel designs.

Named the Heat Optimized Thermodynamic or HOT Panel, this technology highlights the company’s commitment to innovation with a product of exceptional performance characteristics that far exceed conventional heat channel designs, according to Jay Morfitt, Heil’s director of marketing and product development,.

“It doesn’t matter if a customer needs to keep transported crude oil warm for complete drain-out or if it is a chemical or food product transporter that needs to preserve properties or purity, the Heil Trailer HOT Panel will perform better than any channel or heat panel out there.” Morfitt said.

The unique pinpoint laser welds of the HOT Panel design offer higher precision and enable better integration than any other design. Morfitt added: “By creating this level of consistency in the laser welds and the pillowing process where it’s mated to the vessel, the HOT Panel design facilitates maximum swirl of the heating medium in operation—that latency before recirculation means better transfer of heat into the vessel for less energy—it’s a groundbreaking product.”

The company plans to begin HOT Panel integration into its trailer line beginning spring 2015 and is looking to expand its application of the technology.  ♦

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