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Groeneveld launches new grease system for trailers

Compalube is Groeneveld's new automatic compact lubricating system, developed specifically for trailers. It offers the same functionalities that larger greasing systems provide, but its construction has been optimized so that a compact housing contains the pump, metering units, and lubricant reservoir.

Through its simple design, installation time is reduced. The CompAlube is mounted to a trailer crossmember and attached to the air supply, after which lubrication points to the system are then connected.

Replenishment of the lubricant supply is done quickly with replaceable lubricant cartridges.

“Frequent, automatic controlled greasing results in minimum grease consumption and maximum greasing efficiency,” say company officials, “resulting in less wear, and seals that remain in better condition. Operational costs are lowered due to reduced maintenance and downtime, and vehicle life is extended.”

CompAlube has an integrated brake counter or electric timer that starts the lubrication cycle after a preset number of brake applications or time interval has passed.

The system checks its correct operation on each lubrication cycle. It signals any drop in lubricant pressure, or in the event of a faulty or empty lubricant cartridge.

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