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Green Mountain completes Beach Haven Oil Terminal assessment

Robert Brehm, chief executive officer of Green Mountain Development Corp, announced that the company has completed its business assessment report for rehabilitation and operation of the Beach Haven Oil Terminal in Berwick PA in the Marcellus Shale region.

The company reviewed facility alternatives for fuel distribution, biodiesel refining, and natural gas well brine water recycling with respect to environmental factors, financial parameters, and integration with C Trade’s existing logistics and fuel trading network and extensive experience in water remediation and management.

The facility is strategically located and has five above-ground storage tanks with a capacity of more than 2.5 million gallons for processing a variety of fluids. Previously the terminal received refined products from pipelines, barges, and trucks and distributed petroleum products to third parties for delivery to home owners and commercial outlets. The facility is large enough to add a biodiesel refining operation of 24MM gallons/year, or its tank storage system could be converted to remediate and recycle brine water used in gas well production. Recycling brine water for reuse can significantly reduce the environmental impacts of discharging the water into rivers and streams, a common practice in Pennsylvania until earlier in 2011.

Brehm said, “As part of the terminal operations team, C Trade CEO Nick Kontonicolas and I are reviewing the report to determine the best market opportunity for a JV operation. While the report recommends that the facility be repurposed for the recycling of brine water due to pressing environmental concerns and need for offsite recycling services, changing market conditions, political climate, and other considerations may require a different alternative be adopted for the joint venture. We plan to have a definitive implementation plan in place before the end of the year.”

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