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FKM option for Blackmer piston air valve

Blackmer announces that its TXD2.5A-AVB sliding vane pumps are now available with a new FKM U-Cup O-ring option on the piston air valve. The FKM option is recommended by Blackmer's engineering department for use on transfer pumps used in biofuel — ethanol and biodiesel — applications.

The piston air valve for TXD2.5 pumps debuted in February 2006 to replace the double diaphragm-style air valve. As the use of biodiesel and ethanol fuels continues to grow, and the traditional Buna elastomers do not fully meet market requirements, the option of FKM elastomers will allow for increased compatibility with these fuels. The piston air valve with the FKM option is manufactured exactly the same as the original piston air valve. The only change is the FKM U-Cup O-rings, to allow a broader range of chemical compatibility. Blackmer will continue to offer the piston air valve with Buna elastomers for traditional petroleum applications. Piston air valve kits are completely interchangeable with the current diaphragm air valve kits. The kits bolt directly to the TXD relief valve or TXD2.5A-AVB pumps may be factory-ordered with the new FKM option.

E-mail Jim Becker at [email protected] for more information.

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