EnTrans award
From left to right, Dave Blanchard and Stephanie Valentic, from EHS Today; Karen Czor, corporate director of risk management for EnTrans International; and Noe Cardenas, EHS manager for EnTrans Juarez Trailer Operations.

EnTrans International LLC receives EHS Today Safest Companies 2018 Award

EnTrans International, LLC, manufacturing divisions have been recognized as America’s Safest Companies 2018 by EHS Today. The annual award was first given in 2002 and to date has recognized 238 companies.

This year, 13 companies received America’s Safest Companies awards at the Safety Leadership Conference in Louisville KY. To be considered for the award, an organization must demonstrate:

• Support from leadership and management for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) efforts

• Employee involvement in EHS processes

• Innovative solutions to safety challenges

• Injury and illness rates lower than the average for their industry

• Comprehensive training programs

• Evidence that prevention of incidents is the cornerstone of the safety process

• Good communication of the value of safety and a way to substantiate the benefits of the safety process

EnTrans—which includes Heil and Polar--employs an innovative safety program called Safety Matters that incorporates gamification to engage employees with a system of risks and rewards, blended learning to address different learning styles and preferences, an ergonomics program that provides hazard assessments, as well as many other safety initiatives.

“Our EHS team, plant management teams, supervisors and leadership have worked closely together to elevate the level of safety at all EnTrans facilities,” said Karen Czor, corporate director of risk management for EnTrans International. “We have seen employee engagement with safety rise significantly over the years, which is exactly what is needed to drive a culture of safety throughout our company.”

Doug Chapple, chief executive officer of EnTrans International said: “Being recognized as one of America’s safest companies acknowledges the progress we’ve made on our journey to zero preventable injuries. It will inspire us to continue the Safety Matters program to assure our employees go home safely every day.”

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