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Dana adds OnDemand lube pump option

The Commercial Vehicle Systems group of Dana Holding Corporation has enhanced its lineup of 40,000-pound tandem axles by incorporating its patented OnDemand lube pump option into several popular models. The OnDemand pump results in operating efficiency improvements by reducing parasitic losses, reducing weight, lowering operating temperatures, extending and improving lubricant performance, and also contributes to reducing overall fuel consumption.

Currently used with Dana's D170 and D190 series of tandems, the OnDemand pump is now available with heavy-duty highway tandem axles, vocational tandem axles, as well as Dana's Torsionally-tuned and High-Performance single-speed, tandem drive axles. The current model numbers include: DS404(P), DS405(P), DST40(P), DST41(P), DSH40(P), and DSH44(P). All existing approved applications will remain in effect, as will Dana's five-year/750,000-mile warranty coverage with approved lubricants and seals.

Dana axles equipped with the pumps also feature carriers designed with weight optimization software that results in up to 12 pounds of weight savings per tandem.

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