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Civacon offers MaxAir II emergency valves

Civacon, a part of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, is providing its MaxAir II emergency valves. The new MaxAir II valves have been designed for use in fuel-handling applications on tank trailers transporting products such as gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and other typical petroleum products carried in aluminum DOT 406-style tankers.

These valves have designed-in features such as a new externally ported air cylinder exhaust port, which uses three independent seals to completely isolate the air cylinder. Valves are outfitted with Viton GFLT wetted seals and a standard Teflon-encapsulated seat, which make them compatible with an array of products. The valve’s shearable air inlet fitting allows the valve to close—even if open—during an underride accident. A factory-installed fusible plug will melt at a temperature of 212º F (100º C), allowing the valve to dump air pressure in case of a fire. A stainless-steel jack screw is included to allow for manual operation in case of air-pressure loss.

Other features of the MaxAir II valve include:

•No moving parts in the flow path provides superior flow rates and faster drops

•Compatibility with 4-inch TTMA sumps

•Rugged stainless-steel and aluminum construction

•Available in a variety of configurations

•Operates on a minimum of 40 psi (2.76 bar)

For more information on Civacon, call 888-526-5657 or visit

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