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Certifier wireless hub adds test reliability

Lite-Check LLC announces enhanced trailer and tractor certification and wireless data collection capabilities for the Certifier 912 FMVSS 121 and CMVSS 121 vehicle test system.

The Certifier eight-port wireless data collection hub is a completely wireless connection between the Certifier 912 and the data collection hub. This enhancement reduces tripping hazards, speeds the test preparation process, and allows for more reliable test operations by removing the potential for cable damage.

When combined with the improved model 330A Brake Pedal Actuator, the Certifier 912 provides robust brake timing for tractor and tractor/trailer combinations. The tester controlled brake actuation removes the need to manually depress the tractor or straight truck's brake pedal and delivers rapid, reliable, and consistent timing test results.

The Brake Pedal Actuator integrates seamlessly with newer Certifier 912 systems, and with existing 912 systems that have been in service for many years.

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