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Centerline has sanitary vacuum system

Centerline Tank & Trailer Manufacturing has introduced its patented sealed vessel sanitary vacuum system for bulk transport of liquid product, particularly dairy applications. Centerline, through its Engle Fabrication Division, has offered similar vacuum systems for more than 10 years.

The Centerline vacuum trailer offers several advantages over typical mechanical impeller product pumping systems. This trailer has no impeller and depends on moving product into the tank or trailer by using simple air pressure differential. The vacuum system features a sanitary float shut-off assembly on the bio-sealed vacuum vessel that ensures that the tank cannot be overfilled or imploded. Negative effects of agitation such as acidity and product shear are greatly reduced as the product is not agitated as it moves through an impeller. Without impeller contact, product degradation is reduced, which may bring longer product shelf life and improved product quality. Centerline vacuum tanks feature hydraulic or PTO pump drive systems, allowing the vacuum tanks to be loaded in virtually any condition at any time.

Phenomenal flow rates are possible with vacuum technology. In a recent test under identical conditions, the vacuum tank system trailer loaded product in one-half the time required by an impeller system trailer.

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