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ZF Meritor Announces Clutch and Transmission Products

ZF Meritor introduced new transmissions, an automatic adjustment clutch, and a new six-paddle clutch disc design during the GATS show in Dallas.

ZF Meritor's new 10-speed transmission is now available in a 1,850 lb-ft torque rating with a "C" ratio. The 1,850 lb-ft "C" ratio 10-speed transmission offers vehicle operators the same enhanced performance, drivability, and torque performance that variable power-band multi-speed transmissions have offered.

"The new torque capacity of 1,850 lb-ft will provide the same type of torque capacity that traditional multi-speed transmissions have," said Charles Allen, director of sales and marketing for ZF Meritor. "This new transmission packs plenty of torque and is lighter in weight than some traditional multi-speed transmissions of similar torque capacity."

The 1,850 lb-ft 10-speed transmission is well matched with today's electronically-controlled high torque engines. With ZF Meritor's Torq-2 option, which allows the top two gears to handle 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the transmission can better manage upgraded engine torque, thus reducing shifting efforts.

ZF Meritor's new contributions to automatically adjusting clutches should also reduce the driver's shifting efforts. According to Liz Woodhull, marketing manager for ZF Meritor, the new AutoJust clutch will reduce clutch maintenance cost, maximize component life, and eliminate downtime associated with manually adjusting the clutch.

"An average clutch that is run 400,000 miles would typically require about 13 adjustments, which can add up in maintenance cost and time," said Woodhull. "The AutoJust eliminates the need for this periodic maintenance."

The clutch package also includes ZF Meritor's Lite Pedal technology, along with the Meritor Long Travel Damper, which helps alleviate torsional vibration.

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