XZUS single tire built for all-position use

The Michelin X One XZUS tire, the fifth version of the X One wide single tire introduced by Michelin Americas Truck Tires, is designed for use in the waste industry, on urban delivery trucks, and in other urban/regional applications. It is the first Michelin X One tire designed for all-wheel-position use in such applications, offering higher carrying capacity plus lighter weight to increase payload and improve productivity.

This tire, size 455/55R22.5 load range M, features:

  • Increased load capability of 11,700 pounds per tire.

  • Improved rolling resistance and fuel economy compared with other Michelin and competitor tires designed for such applications.

  • Increased payload capability of up to 200 pounds or more per axle.

  • Improved driver comfort and vehicle stability.

  • Simplified tire maintenance and management, with a single size tire to be used on both steer and drive axles

  • Optimized retreadability using Michelin's Co-Ex technology featuring a cool undertread that reduces heat while maximizing the life of the tire and tread.

For more details, contact Michelin, Greenville SC.

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