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www.tydenbrammll.comSystem electronically verifies bar codes

TydenBrammall has implemented an electronic bar code verification system into its Alum-A-Loc Seal and E-Z Loc Seal production lines.

The system, which also incorporates a new, high-resolution printer, automatically examines each bar code to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Standards Organizations (ISO) standards immediately after the bar code has been printed onto the security seal's lock body. This integrated, electronic test significantly minimizes the potential for food processing and chemical industry customers to deem a cargo security seal as “unreadable” when scanned in the field.

Six diagnostic tests check the print quality of each bar code based on the industry standards, and an alpha grade is assigned to each. If a seal grades any lower than a “C” in any one of the six tests, the seal fails and the production line is shutdown for system evaluation. Industry standards stipulate that any bar code meeting an overall ANSI grade of “C” or better is deemed readable by typical field scanners, even in the harsh environmental conditions these seals typically encounter. Customized software allows TydenBrammall to capture the diagnostic analysis of each security seal according to its work order number, bar code type, and starting serial number into a database where the information is kept for up to one year.

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