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www.sageschools.comSage Offers Driver Training

The Sage Corp has agreed to be a nationwide exclusive launch customer of TREAD-1 (Trucker's Education and Development), an interactive computer-based training program for new and experienced professional drivers. TREAD-1 will deliver driver training lessons via a private, high-speed, secure network.

This technology was developed by Instructional Technologies Inc (ITI). The program, which ITI says is compliant with Professional Truck Driver Institute certification standards, includes 33 one-hour lessons that are full-screen video and high-fidelity animation and graphics. Topics include basic and advanced skills such as backing, defensive driving, extreme conditions, air brakes, vehicle inspection, and accident procedures.

Fleets and carriers that subscribe to TREAD-1 pay nothing for ITI equipment, the high-speed data line, or computer terminals — only for lessons used. Training can be held on-site or at a Sage facility.

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