www.logistics.comLogistics.com upgrades OptiManage

Logistics.com Inc has launched OptiManage 7.3, the most recent version of its web-native, real-time transportation management system (TMS).

PPG Industries Klockner Pentaplast and Wise Alloys are implementing OptiManage 7.3, which provides shippers with greater return on investment and better visibility and control over day-to-day supply chain execution.

Two new features are available in OptiManage 7.3:

  • Collaborative Dock Door Scheduling — provides management and visibility of dock schedules for both shippers and carriers. The online tool streamlines the process of creating feasible dock door appointments, considering actual dock capacities.

  • Purchase Order Management — customers enter purchase orders directly into OptiManage, allowing the creation of shipments from the purchase order line items and enhanced inventory visibility and tracking.

Other improvements to OptiManage 7.3 include more robust continuous move functionality and enhanced rate lookup.

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