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www.jjkeller.comKellerMILES Aids Routing

J J Keller & Associates Inc has introduced KellerMILES, a mileage database that helps users determine routes and mileages with speed and accuracy.

KellerMILES covers 805,000 United States miles, 256,000 Canadian kilometers, 1,000,000-plus routable locations, and more than 6,200 truckstops. Users can also customize maps, add locations, customize speeds by state/province, and customize columns on their trip page. The database can interface with leading communications systems and with Keller's Log Checker and Fuel Tax Master programs.

KellerMILES is available for $895 by phoning 800-327-1342. Callers should reference Action Code 01220 when ordering. For more information, contact Keller, 3003 W Breezewood Lane, PO Box 368, Neenah WI 54957-0368.

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