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www.ilog.comLPG supplier selects ILOG

ILOG has announced that Repsol YPF, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier in Spain and Latin America, has selected ILOG's optimization and visualization software components to create a decision-support planning tool that helps manage Repsol's supply chain that spans gas reception to distribution.

As a result, LPG price is managed while timely delivery is assured both for the 12 million Repsol clients that use bottled gas as their primary source of energy at home and for gas stations and large clients served by the supply chain.

The gas provider uses ILOG CPLEX and ILOG Solver optimization engines for strategic, short- and long-term planning of gas chain distribution. ILOG Views provides the graphical interface for this application, providing Repsol's planners with an intuitive visual display that enables quick reaction to change.

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