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www.ezmaintenance.comSoftware plus video training

Transportation Maintenance Solutions, national distributor for EZ Maintenance software, has announced that the EZ Maintenance software package for vehicles and equipment now includes a full video training program on CD at no extra charge.

“We offer free phone tech support for installing EZ Maintenance on a network, related work stations, and unlimited ongoing free tech support via e-mail,” said Wayne McFarland, chief executive officer of the Link It Software Corp, maker of EZ Maintenance. “We do provide ongoing phone tech support for a small charge, but our new video training CD has virtually eliminated the need for our clients to purchase ongoing phone support.”

Not only will EZ Maintenance produce work orders for all required maintenance on any type of equipment or vehicle, but it also produces complete histories of all maintenance performed; what was done, by whom, and when; along with the costs of labor and parts. Maintenance can be scheduled by mileage or time intervals or a combination of both.

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