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www.axiomnav.comAxiom adds Accu-Trackers

Axiom Navigation Inc has introduced its new Accu-Tracker FMS-3000, 3100, 8000, and 8100 devices for fleet management and asset tracking. By combining GPS satellite technology with Cellemetry or Aeris.Net Microburst wireless data delivery, these devices can automatically report the exact location of mobile assets virtually anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some areas of Central and South America.

FMS-3000, 3100, 8000 and 8100 all can be used to track high-value/high-risk cargo, vehicle/truck rentals, utility vehicles, service and delivery vehicles, and heavy-duty construction equipment effectively. FMS-3000 and 8000 have three discrete inputs/two discrete outputs, while FMS-3100 and 8100 have six discrete inputs/two discrete outputs. All these devices also offer a Geofencing parameter capability that can be turned on or off.

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