World Energy signs biodiesel production agreement with Dow Chemical subsidiary

What connects 40,000 gallons of vegetable oil, an entrepreneurial bioenergy firm, and the world's largest chemical producer? The search for viable sources of alternative energy.

World Energy, producer and distributor of biodiesel fuel, announced an exclusive production agreement with Dow Haltermann Custom Processing (DHCP), a Dow business unit comprised of operations within The Dow Chemical Co and Johann Haltermann Ltd. This agreement will further enhance World Energy's biodiesel production and distribution capabilities and is another step in helping America reduce its dependency on foreign oil.

DHCP will produce biodiesel at its Houston TX location exclusively for World Energy in North America. It will source the raw materials and produce biodiesel fuel to World Energy's specifications under the agreement.

The use of biodiesel reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 78% compared with petroleum diesel, according to a 1998 biodiesel lifecycle study jointly sponsored by the United States Department of Energy and the US Department of Agriculture. Integrating biodiesel is very efficient, requiring little, if any, engine adjustments and using existing infrastructure.

Many public and private organizations are using World Energy biodiesel, including all branches of the US military, Harvard University, utility fleets, and many school bus systems nationwide. At a B20 blend in diesel engines (20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel, the most common), these groups and their communities are enjoying a 16% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a 21% reduction in unburned hydrocarbons, an 11% reduction in carbon monoxide, and a 10% reduction in particulate matter.

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