Wireless networks take on hazardous duty

The Enterprise Mobility business of Motorola Inc. has announced the latest member of its outdoor access point (AP) product family: the Haz-location (Haz-Loc) certified AP-5181, designed to extend the wireless enterprise into harsh work environments.

Petrochemical, oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and utilities, mining and manufacturing organizations can deploy AP-5181 APs easily without requiring extra cabling by using mesh. Motorola's mesh technology enhances the flexibility on AP placement and lowers the cost for providing network access. Addition of these new AP-5181's in a customer's control network enables more sensors and metering devices to be supported that provide critical information such as temperature, humidity, and pressure readouts of plant machinery.

Deployment of AP-5181 APs also extends the IT network outdoors in hard-to-wire environments. The benefit is mobile operator applications previously completed in the plant office — filing field inspections, issuing repair work orders, and checking maintenance records and parts inventories — can now be done in the field. In addition, safety applications such as Wi-Fi-based video surveillance and personnel location (man-down, mustering) can now be easily deployed in all plant areas including hazardous locations.

The AP-5181 also provides security with support for Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) and WPA2. It enables its wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS) to monitor, detect, protect, and help prevent intrusions to the wireless network.

Access www.motorola.com for complete details.

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