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Western Star 4900 SA goes lightweight

WESTERN STAR Trucks unveiled a weight-optimized 4900 SA tractor that is ideally suited for weight-sensitive operations such as bulk and regional hauling. This lightweight vehicle is spec'd utilizing current production components that achieve maximum weight savings. The new vehicle debuted at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“Our lightweight 4900 SA truck is important to the Western Star product line because it addresses a critical need for many of our bulk and specialized haul customers,” said John Merrifield, senior vice-president, sales & marketing for Western Star Trucks. “Our vehicles have long been known for their strength, durability, and toughness. This truck is no exception, employing the same lightweight Star Light sleeper technology our customers have grown accustomed to. Now the truck has additional components that offer the greatest weight savings.”

The tractor on display had a dry chassis weight of approximately 15,300 pounds, equipped with a highly specified 68-inch Stratosphere sleeper and a 435-horsepower MBE4000, one of the lightest 13-liter engines available in the marketplace today. The MBE4000 is at least 125 pounds lighter than comparable large bore engines.

Other significant weight-saving features include the Eaton Lightning 10-speed manual transmission, a 1,300-square-inchcross flow aluminum radiator, aluminum cross members, lightweight carrier housings for drive axles, and Michelin X-One single tires on tandem-axle wheel ends.

For long haul customers, Western Star's lightweight vehicle is available specified with all of the standard and optional equipment available on the Stratosphere Sleeper. The Stratosphere sleeper features walkthrough capability, and cab features including wood grain accents, full-height wood finished cabinets, a soft-touch dash, and Bostrom Motion Master high back seats.

“To engineer this vehicle, we looked at each individual element of a Western Star truck and optimized components with weight-savings in mind,” said Jim Crowcroft, product marketing manager for Western Star. “The end result is an uncompromised truck with the same quality Western Star craftsmanship our customers expect in an ultra-lightweight package.”

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