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WebTech Wireless expands Quadrant system use by Kuwait Oil Co

WebTech Wireless Inc, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology, announced that the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has again selected WebTech Wireless' Quadrant system for expansion of remote vehicle management in its fleet. This latest implementation includes more than 500 vehicles, bringing total KOC installations to-date to more than 1,000 vehicles of all types. KOC leases vehicles from Automak Automotive Co and KGL Car Rental.

KOC's Quadrant system includes Wi-Fi-enabled WT5800 Locators that allow fleet managers to remotely obtain vehicle odometer and speed data when vehicles pass KOC depots and filling stations. With this information, managers can improve efficiency and safety by detecting and controlling excessive speeding and reducing unnecessary mileage, which also helps preserve vehicle resale values.

KOC does not collect actual vehicle location records, as a condition of the company's employee privacy policy. Another requirement, to further increase the safety and security of the fleet, was the installation of Driver ID Kits, which permit vehicle operation only by an authorized driver.

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