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Webtech Wireless announces first client for Quadrant with TMW Suite

Webtech Wireless Inc, a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services (LBS) and telematics technology, announced the successful deployment of its Quadrant solution, integrated with TMWSuite from TMW Systems, for new Webtech customer, Troyer Ventures Inc.

Troyer Ventures Inc is a leading oil and gas Transportation company headquartered in Fort Saint John BC, Canada.

Webtech Wireless integrated its leading Quadrant LBS and telematics software solution with TMWSuite to provide a complete end to end dispatch, tracking, Hours of Service and load assignment solution for Troyer. This solution also is the first Quadrant deployment that fully supports all exemptions regarding the Canadian Oil & Gas Hours of Service rules.

Drivers utilize the user friendly Mobile Data Terminal MDT 3100 for all EOBR data entry requirements, including pre-and post trip inspections and messaging for dispatch. The MDT unit displays remaining on-duty and driving hours as well as provides proactive alerts of upcoming possible violations ahead of time.

“Quadrant continues to evolve into a fully integrated solution for transportation customers, including oil and gas,” says Harald Fritz, Webtech vice-president of sales and marketing. He adds, “We are committed to further collaboration with TMW to continue to provide the most robust, flexible and competitive end to end fleet solution possible so our transportation solution users can provide safe and economical logistics services to their customers.”

TMWSuite integration with Quadrant is available for general release, according to TMW officials.

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