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Webb, Lynnfin create self-cleaning brake drum

Webb Wheel Products Inc has teamed up with Lynnfin Truck Technologies Inc to create a self-cleaning brake system. Webb has developed a new series of brake drum called the Webb BTS (BrakeTurbines System) brake drums, which are engineered for use with Lynnfin's BrakeTurbines.

Lynnfin manufactures BrakeTurbines, which decrease the surface temperature of the brake friction material up to 30%. This decrease, when combined with the expulsion of gases from the drum chamber, is enough to increase brake torque by up to 18%.

The BTS brake drum is engineered to maximize performance of BrakeTurbines. The drum is contoured to accommodate BrakeTurbines, which causes a cooling, cleaning stream of air between drum and friction material. Hot air and brake dust are blown from the drum, creating a cooler, cleaner braking system.

Webb developed the brake drum with many cooling features to maximize performance. Multiple ribs create more surface area for improved heat dissipation, while special vents in the brake drum allow heat to escape. BrakeTurbines are positioned behind these vents to keep materials out and blow out hot air, brake dust, and other debris.

Contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055 for further information.

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