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Web site lets users tour Business Class M2

Freightliner Trucks has launched a web site that gives users an interactive tour of its Business Class M2 mediumduty truck. The new web site,, can help purchasers make their decision by showing the features and benefits of the Business Class M2. Photos and video clips illustrate the truck's capabilities in four key areas: performance, comfort, safety, and uptime.

This web site lets users view the four different models of the Business Class M2 (106, 112, 106V, and 112V), three different cab configurations (day cab, extended cab, and crew cab) and bodies for seven common business uses (utility, beverage, refuse, sweeper, fire/emergency, delivery, tanker/bulk, tow, and construction). The site also has a link to the web site at, where visitors can find more information, downloadable brochures, and a dealer locator.

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