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Web portal system introduced for border information

CUSTOMS and Border Protection has officially adopted a new Web portal designed to provide easy-to-use access to consolidated border processing information.

The portal is expected to increase import and export efficiency while enhancing border security. After completing a successful four-month pilot test last month, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Secure Data Portal is currently available to an initial 41 importers and the customs officers who support their accounts. Access to the portal will be expanded during 2004.

The ACE Secure Data Portal, essentially a customized computer screen similar to a Web-site home page, provides a single, centralized on-line access point to connect Customs and the trade community.

ACE will provide integration of data and communication abilities among the border agencies, the trade community, and other government agencies. The system includes an account management system that will speed up the trade process and make it easier to track and record activities.

In addition, advance data will be captured electronically and processed through sophisticated risk analysis tools. The analysis will generate information that will help Customs quickly identify and confirm potential violations of US laws.

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