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Web forum lets technicians pool know-how

Diagnostic Innovations LLC has developed a new forum, Technician DNA, that provides online resources for vehicle technicians. The interactive forum lets users gain experience and information on vehicle maintenance topics from a large knowledge base of users. The service is free of charge to all with access to the Internet.

Through this forum, technicians can develop skills and knowledge even if they lack experience and training. The goals of the web site are to learn, share, and participate in discussions about this industry by registering and logging on. The quest for information is met by accessing the web site and posting a question while waiting for an e-mail notification of a reply. The user can also search for earlier answered questions by doing a keyword search.

New topic categories will be added based upon feedback from members. Features of the web site include: the ability of members to communicate directly with one another, e-mail notification of responses to postings, keyword search, and the ability to hide e-mail addresses.

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