Water Maze Integrates Two technologies

Water Maze has introduced a compact, automated wastewater recycling system that uses an integration of two technologies to treat an unusually broad range of waste streams found in pressure washing applications.

The new, patent-pending EC1-300A integrates electrocoagulation (an electrolytic process) with polymer injection for effective, efficient treatment of wastewaters ranging from suspended solids to emulsified oils and heavy metals.

Intelligent control circuitry is used to totally automate the system, eliminating the need for intensive operator training and constant maintenance.

The EC1-300A has a footprint of 40-by-91 inches and has no towers, tanks, and exposed wiring. The entire system is enclosed in a metal cabinet for protection against the elements and comes with an optional thermostat-controlled heater for reducing the risk of freezing.

The EC1-300A can be matched with the Water Maze WP-914 wash pad to create a totally self-contained portable wash rack that captures and recycles all wash water.

E-mail Crismon Lewis at [email protected] for more details.

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