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VMaster Ultra ready for new emission rules

Horton has introduced its VMaster Ultra fan drives in anticipation of new emissions regulations. Managed by the engine's electronic control unit for precision fan speed control, these directly controlled viscous fan drives are designed to cool higher-horsepower, hotter-running engines. VMaster Ultra Fan Drives are being road-tested by OEMs and fleets on the new reduced-emission vehicles.

The fan drive is equipped with an integral fan speed sensor to provide closed-loop control capabilities. VMaster Ultra's optimized magnetic design speeds reaction time for better modulation and cooling. The reservoir, actuator, and valve systems combine to deliver a lower off-speed and faster response time.

VMaster Ultra has a rear-mounted cable harness to shield the connection from fan blades. The fan installs on the front of the fan drive to increase airflow. VMaster Ultras are engineered to turn Horton's WindMaster or competitive fans. These Horton fan drives have a maximum torque capability of 2,225 inch-pounds and are available for first-fit and test applications for various fan sizes and mounting options.

For information, visit or phone 888-813-9926 or 651-361-6400.

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