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Viking internal gear pumps provide more jacketing

Viking Pump has a new line of fully jacketed internal gear pumps in 11 sizes from 15 to 1,100 gpm (3.4 to 250 cubic meters/hour), at pressures to 280 psi (20 bar). These pumps provide jacketing around the perimeter of the rotor case, around the inlet and discharge throats, and, on many sizes, throughout the flange areas, to provide more than twice the heat transfer surface area. This allows faster startup on ambient-temperature solids such as asphalts, and improves process control for temperature-critical materials.

With stainless steel, steel, ductile iron, and cast-iron material options, they can handle various fluids, withstanding temperatures to 800° F (425° C) and handling a range of viscosities. Viking has a choice of packing, component mechanical seals, or cartridge-style lip seals and single- and double-mechanical seals. Seal plans are available. Port configurations include top-suction/bottom-discharge and 90° angle ports, with 150- or 300-lb flanges. Jacketing ports come in threaded, flanged, or weld neck styles for use with saturated steam or heat transfer fluids.

For full details, contact Viking, 406 State St, PO Box 8, Cedar Falls IA 50613-0008.

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