Vent supplies better pressure, vacuum relief

Civacon's new Model NV2001 Normal Vent offers improved pressure and vacuum relief for petroleum cargo tank applications. Key features of the NV2001 include:

  • Meets DOT406 and MC306 standards for rollover protection and pressure/vacuum relief

  • Can be installed in any existing 10" fill cover

  • Die-cast aluminum carrier; no plastic components

  • Lightweight design (15.6 ounces)

  • Removable carrier for vent maintenance

  • New, harder machined disk provides better screw retention; vent has passed vibration testing

  • Double dovetail O-ring grooves in all O-rings

  • Teflon coated O-rings eliminate the need for lubricant

  • Stronger poppet springs and higher set pressure improve annual leakage test results

For more information, contact Civacon, 4304 Mattox Rd, Kansas City MO 64150.

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