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Vapor barrier technology offered in a hose

HBD/Thermoid Inc is offering the new Vapor-Loc tank truck hose, the first bulk fuel transfer hose to use Vapor-Loc, an exclusive (patent-pending) and effective hydrocarbon/chemical vapor fuel hose barrier technology.

“Vapor-Loc is a multi-layering manufacturing process. It traps and prevents hydrocarbon fuel and chemical vapors from permeating through the hose,” said John Flanders, the firm's industrial hose marketing manager. “Vapor-Loc tank truck hose reduces 99% of fuel loss caused by vapor permeation, eliminates smelly fuel odors, protects the environment, and improves the hose's reinforcement, flexing abilities, and service life. In side by side comparison tests for fuel vapor permeation using identical sizes of fuel transfer hose products with gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends (Fuel Types C & CE-10) in hoses over extended time periods and in varying temperatures, our Vapor-Loc tank truck hose dramatically out-performed all others.”

Vapor-Loc tank truck hose is vacuum-rated and available in various sizes (1“ to 4“ ID). This hose comes with smooth or corrugated cover. It offers full working pressures of 150-200 psi based on hose size/style selected. It handles easily, works in a variety of temperatures (-30° to +200° F), and accepts most hose couplings.

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