US roads can't handle projected loads: TRIP

A report released by The Road Information Program (TRIP) concludes that the current United States transportation network is inadequate to handle a 49% projected increase in commercial trucking by 2020.

This claim was based on TRIP's analysis of estimates made by the US Department of Transportation. TRIP said total freight tonnage shipped annually by trucks will increase from 12.8 billion tons in 2003 to 19.2 billion tons in 2020.

However, from 1980 to 2001, total lane miles of public roads in the nation rose by 4%. The disproportionate increases between commercial trucking and road expansions will lead to increasingly congested roads and inefficient freight movements, TRIP said.

This report provides a series of analyses designed to push for long-term reauthorization of federal transportation legislation. Current bills in the US House proposing to increase funding for road improvements are also being encouraged by TRIP.

TRIP is a non-profit organization sponsored by businesses involved in highway construction, insurance companies, and equipment manufacturers.

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