Two lamps aren't always better than one

Because Grote Industries' SuperNova Three-Inch PC LED lamp meets the Society of Automotive Engineers PC rating, only one is required at each trailer front corner instead of two. This means fewer lamps, brackets, and pigtails are needed per trailer.

The new lamp also has a replaceable lens. Lamps in the front corner are subject to breakage from tree branches. With the Three-Inch PC Lamp, it's possible to replace only the broken lens without scrapping the entire lamp.

Offered in red and yellow versions, the lamp offers savings over incandescent lamp options. SuperNova lamps last longer than incandescent lamps. They use a bulletproof potting compound to protect against dirt and moisture, eliminate failure points with Advanced Pin Connection System terminals, and offer plug-and-go technology for quick interchanges with incandescent lamps. When used with a Grote Ultra-Blue-Seal wiring harness, SuperNova LED lamps will last the life of a trailer.

The lamp uses four diodes in a simple, flat circuit board design. The optics, which cast light in a bright 180° arc necessary to cover the corner and meet the PC photometric requirement, are all incorporated in the lens. For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

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