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Two Gear Lubricants Join Long-Life Family

Pennzoil is introducing two new members of its Long-Life family: Long-Life extended warranty 75W-90 and 80W-140 gear lubricants. These new mineral-based gear oils, which provide axle protection, already have received SHAES-234 extended drain approval from Dana Corp for use in its drive axles.

Dana's Spicer Heavy Axle and Brake Division approved the new Long-Life extended warranty gear lubricants for 250,000-mile drain intervals for both service- and factory-fill applications. The lubricants also provide the necessary protection to qualify for Dana's 750,000-mile extended warranty coverage. To gain these approvals, Pennzoil subjected its products to more than 25 million miles of field testing, and conducted laboratory testing.

The combination of PureBase mineral oil base stocks and new ashless additive technology resists degradation when subjected to stress, and does not form deposits or sludge in the presence of water or heat. This helps prevent erosion and premature wear of seals. For more information, contact Pennzoil-Quaker State Co, PO Box 2967, Houston TX 77252-2967.

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