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Trucking legislationlikely delayed until 2009

Many federal issues related to trucking will be carried over to next year's sessions of Congress--and the issues will be intersected and intertwined, said Tim Lynch of the American Trucking Associations, speaking at the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Maintenance Seminar October 27-29 in Louisville KY.

"The agenda for next year is going to be action packed," he said.

The legislative process will include debate on the national highway program that is scheduled for reauthorization next year. At $285 billion currently, the price tag on expenditures could rise as high as $550 billion if some state entities have their way. "This will be one of the hottest debates next year," he said, adding that he fears unneeded projects lobbied by special interests may be approved.

Full coverage of the NTTC meeting will be in the February issue of Bulk Transporter.

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