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Trucking group selects APU manufacturer

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies recently chose Auxiliary Power Dynamics, manufacturer of an integrated professional-grade auxiliary power unit, as a preferred vendor.

NASTC helps small trucking companies control costs through managed purchasing, analysis, consultation, and advocacy. It represents more than 2,100 trucking companies with small to large fleets of three to 300 power units.

Bill Morris, director of marketing and vendor relations for NASTC, said earlier this year, the group started researching different units and their manufacturers. He consulted the United States Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay program and chose 15 units and manufacturers to investigate. The organization narrowed the list to three integrated and three non-integrated auxiliary power units. Morris said the organization is now choosing which integrated units and free standing units to include in its discount program.

The Willis APU reduces idling by providing auxiliary power as soon as the truck is parked, and it delivers more heating and cooling capacity. Its three-cylinder, 18-hp Kubota engine makes it quiet, powerful, and inexpensive to maintain. The APU weighs just 350 pounds.

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