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Trucking company directory now online

Complete demographics on 45,000 United States trucking companies are offered by Transportation Technical Services (TTS): 22,000 firms in a new 1,702 page National Motor Carrier Directory (NMCD) print addition and 45,000 on its website at More than 8,300 toll-free and 31,000 fax numbers are included. The new 2005 edition reflects truckers with 1.2 million trucks and tractors, 2.1 million trailers, plus $192 billion in revenue. More than 4,100 for-hire trucking companies are new to the edition.

TTS offers the NMCD, plus six other databases through its internet program In an online environment, 4,600 users access for-hire trucking firms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, plus US private fleets and owner operators — 177,000 detailed profiles in all. A 100% delivery guarantee of mailed marketing materials is offered. FleetSeek additions and enhancements are posted every 72 hours; all entries have a last updated field.

To qualify for inclusion, for-hire trucking companies file an annual report with the Department of Transportation/state Public Utility Commission, respond to a four-page mail survey, or answer researcher's questions by phone.

Each NMCD profile offers trucking company name; CEO name and title; headquarters address; motor carrier and DOT number; Standard Carrier Alpha Code; revenues; specific number of trucks, tractors, and trailers owned or leased; as well as commodities transported.

Ten trailer types are identified. TL or LTL, year the trucking firm was established, plus common, contract, and broker operations round out the profile.

Twelve-month Internet access, updates every 72 hours, plus the 1,702-page print copy are $495 (plus $12 s & h). All or any part of the NMCD file is available on CD-ROM (as few as 1,500 companies) at added cost. Firms that elect the entire database may also download from the Internet for 1 2 months.

For information, phone TTS toll-free at 888-ONLY-TTS, visit, or go to and click on “Learn More.”

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