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Truck-Lite Adds Seven-Inch Headlamp

A NEW high-performance plastic seven-inch round complex reflector headlamp for the heavy-duty truck industry is being introduced by Truck-Lite Co Inc. The lighting specialist has joined forces with Visteon Automotive Systems to produce this new headlamp, which is designed to be a direct replacement for standard glass sealed beam lamps.

The headlamp features a complex optical system that reduces driver fatigue and improves reliability resulting from the increased amount and distribution of the light on the road compared to the sealed beam system.

At the same time, it lowers lighting costs and enhances styling. This high-performance, lightweight headlamp uses the 9007 replaceable halogen bulb readily available at all automotive and heavy-duty parts outlets. It is rated up to 1,200 hours on low beam and 250 hours on high beam. The bulb uses an axial filament for high optical efficiency. This style of filament increases the amount of light projected on the highway by increasing the length and fullness of the beam pattern. The 9007 bulbs have very strong internal support structures assuring long life, especially on heavy-duty vehicles.

Bulb replacement is easier and quicker than replacing a whole unit, offering cost saving advantages over the glass sealed beam. With the Truck-Lite headlamp, simply remove the bulb from the rear of the headlamp assembly and replace it. No special tools and no re-aiming are required. In minutes, the truck is on its way.

Advantages of the seven-inch round plastic headlamp include:

*The polycarbonate lens, protected by Truck-Lite's Diamond Shell hardcoating, is up to 30 times more impact resistant than glass.

*Total weight of the all-plastic headlamp assembly is about half that of glass-12 ounces compared to 20 ounces.

*Replacement is quick and easy because only the bulb is changed-not the complete headlamp. No re-aim or special tools are required.

*The return on initial investment increases because of decreased expenses in service, labor, and overhead due to the longer life cycle this new technology provides.

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