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Trailer odometer readings at push of button

Haldex has launched its new Electronic Odometer (e-Odometer), an alternative to conventional mechanical hubodometers. Its simple design allows access to trailer odometer readings at the press of a button. With an onboard battery, the e-Odometer operates without vehicle power. So whether powered or not, check the odometer reading, easily access and/or reset the trip mileage, or display an active diagnostic code with the press of a button. When the trailer is powered, the e-Odometer also can verify sensor readouts.

The tool mounts to the nose of a trailer for protection from damage, while the EGP cover adds protection and data privacy. More accurate than conventional hubodometers, the e-Odometer restricts tampering since data is stored in the ECU.

The e-Odometer operates in conjunction with all Haldex PLC ABS products, including the PLC, PLC Select, or PLC Plus. Contact Haldex, 10930 N Pomona Ave, Kansas City MO 64153 for further details.

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